CIM 300 RF Gyne

A New Generation Device that treats complex pain and musculoskeletal pathologies non-invasively with quite noticeable results and no down-time!

This is the latest technology widely used in Europe utilising electro-medical equipment based on the physical principle of the Condenser. Each channel will have two probes or electrodes in the form of plates (one active and one passive per channel) through which it is able to generate an electromagnetic field or bio-compatible energy that “focally diffuses” into the different tissues of the human body in a “homogeneous” way.

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Why choose CIM Cap-Energy System?

The equipment uses two different methods of treatment through the two different electrodes in each channel: the “Resistive” and “Capacitive” allowing different actions to be produced at the root cause of the pain or injury, removing the inflammation so medications can work better in the injured areas treated. This is known in Europe as Cap-Energy Tecar Therapy. The formation of “electric charges” absorbed by the damaged tissues does not have any contraindications and hence, are considered ‘natural’.

Main Features

Two points of energy injection
Treatment of of Endopelvic Trigger Points
Advanced Security
Temperature monitoring by sensor
Security Control managed by the patient
Ergonomic shape

Mechanical effects

Because of a displacement of fluids that causes both a lymphatic as well as a hematic drainage of the system.

Thermal Effects

Because the currents produce a Joule effect inducing a deep and homogeneous endothermic condition.

Indications and Benefits. C 500

Treatment of Pelvic Chronic Pain
Percentage of improvement: 90%
Improvement of symptoms associated
Endometriosis. Myomas. Obstetric trauma.
Treatament of pelvic floor
Episiotomies. Cystitis.
Urological treatmentProstatitis. Benign prostatic hyperplasia.

CIM Cap Energy System by ClinicalPRO Professional Beauty


Refirms & lifts face and body muscles
Removes eye bags
Lymphatic drainage face and body
Reduces cellulite & stretch marks
Pain relief & management
Sports injury & post-surgery recovery
Removes Inflammation for quicker medication results
Treats patients with multiple pathologies in 20 minutes
Reduces pelvic pain & lower back pain noticeably at every visit
Uro-Gynecological Probe quickly treats women’s & men’s health problems

Scientific Study

Pain in Endometriosis. 75% reduction in pain. After 8 sessions.
Pain in Fibroids. 80% reduction in pain. After 8 sessions..
Obstetric Trauma Pain. 70% reduction in pain. After 8 treatment sessions.
Trigger Points in Endometriosis. 100% decrease in pain. Puborectalis Trigger Point Deactivation. After 8 sessions.
Trigger Points in fibroids. 90% improvement. Decreased pain in Trigger Point Deactivation. Isquicoccigeus, iliococcygeus, internal shutter, Pyramid anal sphincter.
Trigger Points in Obstetric trauma. Between 40% -70% Deactivation of Trigger Points in the 3rd session.

Chemical effects

Because of the biological oxygenation of the blood with a balancing of the enzymatic insufficiencies, while accelerating the metabolism and repair of any damaged cells.

Data obtained from the scientific study: “Simultaneous treatment with dry needling and RF in active endopelvic Trigger Pointsvicos in women with Chronic Pelvic Pain.” Jerez, Marta. Málaga, 2012

Before & After

Skin Rehydration Before Treatment

Skin Rehydration After Treatment

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CIM 300 RF Gyne