Clinical Hi-TONE by ClinicalPRO

Clinical Hi-Tone

Advanced IPL & Toning with Fractional Micro-Needling RF System

The Clinical Hi-Tone is a combination system for IPL & Micro-Needling Fractional RF treatments. The best quality of CCbeam (Collimated Coherent beam) and Micro-Needling RF gives wonderful performance for Hair Removal, Light Pigments and Skin Improvements. This combination system allows clinics to conduct various treatments for remarkable results.

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    Key Features

    • IPL & RF Dual modes
    • Contact cooling system
    • Less Pain and downtime
    • Top quality energy delivery
    • Multi-purpose device


    • Semi-toning
    • Pigmentation
    • Vascular
    • Hair Removal
    • Various scars
    • Large pores
    • Skin Tightening


    Additional Information

    Weight72 kg
    Dimensions420 x 320 x 820 cm

    IPL Xenon Flash Lamp

    System Control

    Key Switch, Power Switch, 12″ Touchscreen



    Energy Delivery

    Direct from Handpiece