Clinical Isoderm by ClinicalPRO

Clinical Isoderm

Advanced paramedical 2-in-1 microdermabrasion system. Added attachment for face-lifting and product penetration. Easy disposable crystal bottles with crystal free operation as optional.

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    The Clinical Isoderm is an advanced system that combines microdermabrasion along with electroporation on the same platform. The Clinical Isoderm is manufactured by Mattioli Engineering along with a patented 45° handpiece and was the first worldwide closed-loop system. The importance of the handpiece angle is that the handpiece can be used in the same manner as a pen, allowing for great visibility while treating. The inclusion of the Electroporation handpiece allows for increased results after the completion of a microdermabrasion treatment or as a stand-alone de-ageing treatment.

    Some advantages of the Clinical Microdermabrasion Systems are:

    • No downtime for clients but great results
    • Closed-Loop technology that ensures hassle free usage and saves you money
    • Crystals only flow when contact is made with the skin, flowing only when you want them to
    • Minimum and trouble free maintenance
    • Unique slim tip meets the skin at 45° so you can see treated area clearly
    • Pen like control around hard to reach areas such as the delicate area around the eyes.
    • Combines powerful suction and abrasion with one-way air flow
    • Eliminates any possibility of cross contamination
    • All hand-pieces, tubes and bottles are autoclave-able and/or disposable
    • Simple set-up. No hidden tubes, and no messy clean up after each treatment
    • Simple yet effective operation
    • Variable levels of power operation for client comfort or for deeper abrading
    • Can do delicate areas such as around eyes and over eyelids
    • Results can be observed right from the first treatment

    Excellent treatment for skin with:

    • Sun Damage
    • Uneven Texture
    • Granular Skin
    • Blackheads and Comedones
    • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
    • Enlarged Pores
    • Minor Acne Scars
    • Most Surgical scars and stretch marks
    • Dull, Congested or Dry skin
    • Blemished Skin
    • Active Acne
    • Ageing Skin
    • Wrinkles
    • Superficial Rhytids
    • Scar Revision
    • Localized Hyper Pigmentation and Mark Reduction
    • Pre-treatment for Further procedures

    Additional Information

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    Dimensions330 x 370 x 400 cm