Medical Micro Needling Pen by ClinicalPRO Chermside QLD
ClinicalPRO Pen Needling SystemClinicalPRO Pen Needling System

Medical Needling System

Clinical Medical Micro Needling System – For Professional use. Quicker, Easier, Less Pain, No Scratching. This Medical model has been specially designed to assist with better penetration of skincare serums into the dermal layers of the skin.

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    For Advanced Resurfacing Treatment Benefits

    Your therapist will apply a suitable topical treatment to complement your advanced skin needling. Between treatments continue using this recommended treatment product on a clean skin for PM use daily (refer to the product information for application instructions).

    For Intense Hydration and Strengthening

    For best results, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated and protected from the sun or harsh environment to make it healthy and strong. We recommend a EGF/DNA concentrate to be used with a Zesty Cellular Repair with Stem Cells under a Depigmentation day crème or Rejuvenation Night Crème proven to improve the texture and even tone when used daily over a period of 90 days. If you are likely to be exposed to the sun, make sure you wear appropriate sunscreen.

    To Recover and Protect

    It’s unlikely you will have any side effects after your treatment; however, if you do experience redness or sensitive skin it is recommended you use Clinical Post-Treatment Recovery Foundation which is available in several shades to suit different skin types. This breathable, water-resistant foundation lets your skin breathe and rejuvenate while providing UV protection and camouflage at the same time.

    Special Features

    • No known negative side-effects
    • No risk of cross-contamination as the device only uses disposable needles
    • Extremely high absorption of any type of liquid substance
    • Collagen induction through controlled mechanical stimulation of the dermis
    • Can be easily used on face, neck and body
    • Perfect for hard-to-reach areas such as around the nose, lips, eyes
    • Realignment of old collagen bundles
    • Complete preservation of the epidermis during the procedure
    • No permanent damage to the skin, no pain during procedure
    • Enhances Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis treatments
    • Can be used to boost the effects after a Medical Collagen Induction Therapy
    • Can be used on clients who have had laser resurfacing
    • Can be used on areas of the skin where laser resurfacing cannot reach.

    For treatment of

    • Stretch Marks
    • Acne Scar removal
    • Pigment Stabilisation
    • Wrinkles & Fine lines
    • Cellulite
    • Skin texture
    • Skin Tightening & lifting
    • Scars
    • Enlarged pores
    • Infusion of skincare serums into the skin

    Additional Information

    Weight40 kg
    Dimensions490 x 220 x 750 cm