Rosaderm Foaming Cleanser

This gentle cleanser removes environmental accumulation and make-up from the skin. It reduces symptoms of redness, flushing and dryness, assists in clearing the skin with photo-ageing or acne rosacea, decreases the appearance of dilated capillaries and alleviates discomfort after peels and any laser treatments.

    Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disorder/disease affecting the faces of men and women, which may start with rosy cheeks, red patches, full face flushing, and dry skin. This imbalance of blood flow may improve temporarily (go into remission). But often a worsening of symptoms, advancing to purplish-red cheeks or chin, solid red pimples, nose swelling or nasal bumps, follows it. Once this dries, new skin cells are replaced without the blood pigment stains.

    Rosaderm Foaming Cleanser reduces the symptoms of redness, flushing and dryness, as well as providing mild and gentle care to control Rosacea.


    • Reduces Redness of Rosacea or traumatized skin
    • Relieves Dryness caused by peelings of Rosacea
    • Alleviates Discomfort after peels or laser hair removal
    • Decreases appearance of dilated capillaries
    • Treats conditions associated with photo-aged skin or acne rosacea.

    Additional information

    Weight0.070 kg
    Dimensions4 x 4 x 11.5 cm

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