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Beauty Expo Australia ClinicalPRO Exhibitor Tradeshows

For over 35 years, ClinicalPRO has been an International leader in the Medical & Beauty industry, offering the latest in innovative and high-technology equipment, tailor-made to suit your individual needs. It is our mission to provide you with the Knowledge, Training and Tools required so you have the Power to Prosper, as “Your Success is Our Priority”! We believe we are achieving our mission with continual education by providing various training workshops and Advanced Certification Courses throughout Australia such as Advanced IPL, Laser Radiation Safety Officers & Clinical Therapist™ Certification, Effective Treatment of Various Skin Conditions, Superficial Lesion Removal, Skin Tightening and Body Shaping, to name a few.

Our cutting-edge science and technology has led us to produce Naturaceutical Skincare from totally Natural sources being the FIRST to introduce these results-guaranteed ingredients such as plant stem-cells, plant haemoglobin, copper-peptides and various natural enzyme peels. Our flagship products with Epidermal Growth Factors help to increase cell production, even out skin-tone & assist in telomere protection for extension of skin-cell life.

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