Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo 2018

By 6 August, 2018Media

What a busy weekend the Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo was!

ClinicalPRO had the pleasure of presenting again this year with a double size stand enabling us to display many popular equipment items along with our Clinical Skincare Naturaceutical Range.

Our stand was located just opposite the Timely Salon Appoints presentation stage where we ourselves enjoyed some memorable presentations from speakers such as Estelle Oliveri from Hairpin Digital on Visually Refreshing And Engaging – Social Media, Tony from Photo Genius on Results Photography and Online Social Presence, Gay Wardle on Dermatological Skin Disorders, Robert & Carlye from THink on Don’t Think Microblade, Think Feather Stroke!

Of course our main reason for being at the show this year was to present an opportunity for those in the Beauty industry to see some of our quality built face and body equipment all of which are all Affordable Clinical Products with Guaranteed Results. On display we had our Magma Laser & IPL Platform, Longpulse NdYAG, Lucas Plus Q-Switched, Doublo Gold HIFU, Forma Light IPL, Beauty Peel Diamond & Crystal Microderm, Isolifting Electroporation and the Skin Clear Lesion Removal systems.

One of our most popular devices was the Doublo Gold HIFU due to its non-invasive application of tightening tissue in the SMAS, Dermis and Epidermis completing a full Face treatment in just 10 minutes with 400 lines applied! It was definitely noted as the fastest system on display and also made by a very reputable South Korean manufacturer (HIRONIC) who have been developing this system since 2010. With close to 3,000 units sold worldwide it has a reputation of delivering noticeable results straight after the treatment with continuous improvement over 90 days.

Our Magma Laser & IPL system also saw some attention when attendees found out that it can achieve a laser hair removal back treatment in just 10 minutes with minimal discomfort using its Fast Energy Layering mode which is similar to the SHR process that some IPLs are using. Along with the Super Fast Hair Removal laser is an NdYAG laser plus IPL handpieces for Acne, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation, Nail Fungus and Vascular.

Of course our Skin Clear system was popular with the ease of which it can simply treat lesions without the need for numbing or stitches. Quick touch ups of Blood Blisters and Broken Vessels can be treated with instantaneous results without piercing the skin. Common Skin Tags or Clogged Pores can also be removed or opened up within a minute leaving the skin undamaged and the client’s first response being: WOW!

Along with our equipment we had on display for its first appearance our Clinical Skincare Naturaceutical Homecare Treatment Kits. Each kit packaged with 6-7 products to help fight and combat the problematic skin conditions of today. The kits are an excellent way to have your clients use a chirally correct, synergistic process to correct and strengthen the skin using the properties of natural ingredients.

The show was a great success for the Clinical team and we thank each and every one of you that made an effort to stop and introduce yourselves to us. We will be in touch and look forward to helping you reach your business growth goals. If you missed us and would like to still find out about any of our systems or products, please contact us and we would be happy to walk you through our showroom and office located opposite the Holy Spirit Hospital on Rode Road Chermside.

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