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Design and Perform Cosmetic Tattooing – Fundamental Training

The course is designed to cover all aspects of the performance criteria as set down by the NTIS (National Training Information Service) and by Service Skills Australia for the course; SHBBSKS003: Design and provide cosmetic tattooing does not incorporate the prerequisite infection prevention principles described in HLTINF005: Maintain infection prevention for skin penetration treatments.

Depending on the state that you will be practicing in, your local Health Regulators may require that you must hold the qualification HLTINF005 also, so please ensure that you check your local licensing requirements before offering skin penetration services in your specific location.

The training course has been broken into 3 Sections designed to give the trainee the basic skills and knowledge to be able to perform a range of Cosmetic Tattooing procedures. To be deemed as competent, the trainee must show the following:

  1. Knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the face as it relates to Cosmetic Tattooing.
  2. They must show knowledge and skill in the application of relevant legislation and workplace policies and procedures, particularly in regard to infection control and skin penetration.
  3. They must be able to demonstrate the proper techniques for applying cosmetic tattooing to eyebrows, lip-line, lip-line and blend and eyeliner on clients, and be able to answer client’s questions with regard to cosmetic tattooing and have an understanding of the contraindications and complications of cosmetic tattooing.

Prior qualification preferences

Preference for this course is given to those with prior qualification in Beauty Therapy, Make-up Technician, Nurse, Doctor or other area with relevant training in anatomy, physiology and biology of the skin and face and those with experience in client/patient treatments.

However the course is designed to provide comprehensive training even for those with limited prior experience and course content includes – Design a Treatment Plan (as it applies to Cosmetic Tattooing).

  • The trainee must not have any impediment that would prevent instruction or their ability to carry out cosmetic tattooing on models over the course of the training. This would include any physical or mental impediment that may pose a risk to the trainee, the models, or any third party. If the trainee has any doubt please discuss the matter before the commencement of the course. Trainees with potential restrictions such as, an allergic reaction to latex rubber gloves need to disclose this prior to the commencement of the course to permit alternative arrangements to be made if possible.
  • The trainee must have a steady hand, good vision and hand-eye coordination and English literacy.
  • The trainee understands that Cosmetic Tattooing involves the use of an electric device to insert needles into the skin and that in some cases they may be exposed to blood, saliva and tear fluid from their clients, therefore standard precautions must be taken.
Become Cosmetic Tattooist Course ClinicalPRO Chermside QLD WA NSW ACT SA NT Laser Institute

Section 1

Section 1 is an online theory course to be completed at trainees own pace (expect around 30 hours), A training subscription gives the trainee 60 days access to the online training package and unlimited email support during completion of this section. In addition, your training subscription includes 2 x 30 minute phone tutorials, or if you prefer a 1-hour face to face tutorial at an appointed time in our training centers in Brisbane, Perth & Melbourne relating to the course material.

Sections 2 – 4

Sections 2 – 4 consist of practical training sections provided in our training centers at Chermside, Brisbane or in the trainees own salon (if your salon has the required approvals for skin penetration), Sections 2 – 4 also have additional online theory. The four course sections are broken into the following components;

Eyebrow Specialist Training

This course is designed for students who only want to perform eyebrow cosmetic tattooing, so 2 days of practical training is required to give students experience with as many different types of needle configurations and eyebrow procedure as possible and encompasses your assessment. Students must complete Sections 1 and 2 online for the theory prior to the 2 days of digital machine practical training.

Section 4 – Assessment

Section 1 – will be in the form of self-directed online questionnaires at the end of each chapter and a written test containing short answer and multiple-choice questions at the end of Section 1 (may also be completed online and sent to me for assessment).

Sections 2 – 3 – Trainees will also be assessed throughout the training on their knowledge and ability and on their practical skills on a live model each day of the course.

Additional Training Courses

Micro-Blade Training Micro-blading is an advanced technique for producing fine hair stroke eyebrows with a hand tool. This is a 2-day course, day 1 is classroom theory and a practical demonstration and day 2 is practice on live models. During the class room training students will be taught the use of calipers for measuring the eyebrows using the golden ratio as it applies to eyebrows as well as micro-blade needle configuration and their usage.

Extra Micro-blading Course – Guidance will be provided to the trainee about purchase of any additional supplies they require prior to commencing cosmetic tattooing as a profession, so please do not purchase supplies and equipment prior to obtaining my advice.

Section 6 & 7 – Advanced Training Courses

Lip Blend & Full Lip Colour: Lip Blend & Full Lip is an advanced procedure for colouring the entire lip area to resemble the look of wearing lipstick. This is an optional, 1 day practical training section.

All practical training is conducted using Clinical MediTouch digital machine or the Clinical Micro-Needling duo function Clinical MediTouch pen. Students who do not possess a digital machine are required to purchase a Tattooing Pen or digital system, prior to or on day 1 of their practical training. No practical training will be performed using standard rotary machines.

Our students are eligible for a 5% discount on a digital machine after completion of Section 1 and payment of the 50% deposit for Sections 2 – 5.

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