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Let’s look at what happens to the skin during an exfoliation treatment

When skin is damaged, it produces a protein called “epidermal growth factor” (or EGF) to heal itself. This protein is released to help the skin heal when it has a bleeding cut, as opposed to a paper cut where no bleeding happens, and no immediate healing process takes place. Therefore, if you are planning to use AHAs, TCAs, chemical or Enzyme peels where you are disturbing and removing skin cells you need to be aware of a few considerations. These procedures will directly stimulate a more rapid removal of skin cells, but if this is done without also rapidly replacing these cells it will result in immune stress, dryness, redness and dehydration. Once you open the door to immune stress anything can happen.

A peel does little more than force the skin to produce EGF through supposedly “controlled” damage of the stratum corneum. The skin is left to heal itself via pathways crowned with chemicals released by a scrambling immune response (it is the immune system that struggles to reject the peel). What we are now realising is that without the correct support for recovery the long-term effects of these procedures may not be as intended.

EGF-DNA Recovery Serum

One of the main focuses of the formula targets telomeres, which regulate the speed of our cells’ biological clock. Telomeres need to be long in length to be fully engaged in the process of slowing down cell ageing.

Are you rebuilding the skin after Chemical and Mechanical Exfoliation?

New research has identified certain ingredients that can support the skin’s recovery. Here are some you should keep in mind: harmful substances entering the internal environment. But in a bid to achieve smoother and clearer complexions we utilise such measures as microdermabrasion and chemical peels and even more invasive procedures such as collagen induction therapy through skin needling.

As new information comes to light, stepping up our procedures, especially our more invasive ones with the right post-treatment recovery products will mean that we can now offer our clients even better results.

Knowing your ingredients and the role they play in your professional services will make the difference between an average treatment outcome and an exceptional one.

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EGF-DNA Recovery Creme

Nature put things together for a reason. We put them together for results … naturally.


A Natural Difference offers two products to support the skin and speed healing of the skin after professional peeling procedures. Available both for professional use, as well as retail sales and suitable for all skin types.


This is a protein with an essential amino acid that mimics the body’s own healing mechanism and rapidly supports the recovery of the skin after a peeling treatment.


This ingredient greatly improves communication between immune cells. BETA FRUCTAN is a naturally occurring compound found in plants that normally thrive in drought conditions. Beta Fructan finesses immunity in the skin and supports the hydration levels. It helps to keep the skin not only plumper, but also supports and improves its general health.


This is a key ingredient to support all mucopolysccharies. Beta-Glucosamine helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines. It is a powerful antioxdiant that minimised the effects of free-radical damage and the signs of skin ageing and fatigue.


Aminoguanidine inhibits the ‘cross – linking’ ( o r glycosylation) of proteins, which may cause many of the problems of old age. It is believed that the cross-linking of the proteins that make up the human body contributes to the ageing process and in particular in ageing of the skin. Cross-linking is the process that causes food to turn yellow and become tough with age. Similarly with humans, cross- linking may be responsible for many of the problems of old age, including senile cataracts, thickening of the arteries, skin inflexibility and damage to the immune system.

Studies show that aminoguanidine and carnosine to be age inhibitors. In the natural ageing process, sugar storage shifts to connective tissues (collagen and elastin), which harden the protein matrix of tissue. Aminoguanidine steers free radicals and reactive oxygen species to their destruction. This is a key ingredient in the strategy against ageing.

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