Clinical Soft Plus Diagnostic by ClinicalPRO Chermside QLD

Clinical Skin Analyser

The Exclusive Clinical Skin Analyser – Soft Plus Concept: Skin health assessment has never brought you so many benefits.

The Clinical Soft Plus concept is the exclusive method which assesses the health and beauty of Skin (complexion and body), Cellulite, Hair and Hair Scalp with 6 measurements for the skin – including unique tests such as pH and temperature, 3D Analysis and 20 consultation programs to cover all your clients needs. Clinical Skin Analyser is the only completely stand-alone diagnostic system that doesn’t need to be connected to a PC.

Clinical Skin Analyser provides professionals unique benefits including enhanced client services, a powerful increase in skincare business, fresh approaches to skincare and client communication.

Why choose the Clinical Skin Analyser?

Skin Analyser offers a complete Skin Assessment Concept for Face, Body, Hair and Cellulite. It is the only completely stand alone PC system. Gone are the days when instruments are to be connected to PCs to operate or store patient files.

Unique Benefits

Together with the experts, the Clinical Skin Diagnostic Analyser concept provides professionals unique benefits including enhanced services to clients, a powerful increase in repeat business of skincare items and treatments, fresh approaches to skincare and client communication.

Cover All Client’s Needs

With 6 measurements for the skin, including unique tests such a pH and temperature, innovative micro-camera consultation programs including a 3D analysis of wrinkles and pigmentation mapping, and up to 20 consultation programs to cover all of your clients needs (from top to toe).

Professional Skin, Hair & Cellulite Assessment.

  • Face
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Cellulite
  • Laser
  • Skin Whitening
  • Sun Tolerance
  • Micro-Camera

Individual Tests

  • Hydration & pH
  • Sebum & Elasticity
  • Temperature
  • Phototype
  • Melanin
  • Biological Age

The New Response to Skincare

Innovative Skin Analysis solution to evaluate main characteristics of the Skin, Hair and Cellulite.

Benefits & Opportunities

The Clinical Skin Analyser is a unique instrument for the effective analysis of a wide range of common minor skin, hair and cellulite irregularities. Its benefits and opportunities include:

  • Highly increasing competitive advantage.
  • Assuring customer satisfaction.
  • Increasing customer loyalty.
  • Strongly support and increasing the sales and range of skincare products and treatments.
  • Offer an affective way of assuring market differentiation.

Assessment of Skin with Micro-Camera

Clinical Skin Analyser offers the possibility to combine the diagnostic measurements taken with the probes with enhanced digital images. The wide range of magnification (10 ~ 400x) provides operations with:

  • An overview of Skin Health.
  • Details of the smallest imperfections.
  • The condition of the Hair and Scalp.
  • Assessment of specific conditions such as Sensitive Skin, Acne and Cellulite.
  • Provides objective analysis of skin, based on infrared measurements.

Graphical, Printed Results

The evaluation result of Skin, Hair and Cellulite parameters is printed from the Skin Analyser System. The printed results show exact values of each analysed parameter. Printed results are:

  • Simple and rapid to use.
  • Serve personalised service, thanks to a specific check-up for the various body areas.
  • Offer professionally tailored advice.
  • Allow archiving of patients data to help monitoring skin conditions over time.
  • Offer momentary assessment of Skin Ageing results.

Detailed programs

  • Face
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Anti-Ageing, Levels 1 and 2
  • Cellulite
  • Laser Pre-treatment Screening
  • Skin Whitening
  • Sun and UV Tolerance (sun-protection)
  • Hands & Biological Age
  • Hair Scalp Screening

Revenue-Enhancing Service

The Clinical Skin Analyser (Soft Plus) services are generally offered by practitioners as a facultative, add-on service before or after standard skin care treatments or as a stand-alone service.

As an add-on service, practitioners particularly appreciate that Skin Analysis are so rapid that they generally do not lengthen the duration of a client’s regular treatment session.

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