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Professional Equipment

ClinicalPRO is committed to getting Australia looking its best. Check out our professional Equipment range.

  • Scahil CO2

    Scahil CO2 interchangeable hand-piece allows multiple beam patterns for various applications and treatments.Equipped with the ...

  • Futera Dots RF

    Futera Dots is non-invasive technology that uses RF energy to heat tissues and stimulate subdermal ...

  • Magma Platform

    The ‘MAGMA’ system is a unique and innovative platform that enhances today’s approach to Medical ...

  • Isoderm MDA

    Advanced paramedical 2-in-1 microdermabrasion system. Added attachment for face-lifting and product penetration. Easy disposable crystal ...

  • CIM 300 RF Gyne

    A New Generation Device that treats complex pain and musculoskeletal pathologies non-invasively with ...

  • MiCool-A Cryo

    Micool-A Cryo System treats Tummy, Love-Handles, Thighs, Forearms & Bra Line. Added treatment protection with ...

  • Needling Pen ParaMed

    Clinical Micro Needling System For Professional Use.Quicker, Easier, Less Pain, No Scratching. This Medical model ...

  • Forma Light IPL

    Forma Light is an IPL device for hair removal, photo-rejuvenation, pigmented lesions, skin whitening, general ...

Epidermal Growth Factors and Enzyme Peels were first introduced by ClinicalPRO in 1989!