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New Peptides in Clinical Skincare

The new peptides in the CS Naturaceutical range can increase collagen production by up to 175% and boost elastin as well, impressively fading wrinkles. Several studies of these proteins have gotten remarkably rapid results, and have already incorporated them into our Day and Night Crèmes so that you can enjoy their benefits.

However, there is greater potential for these peptides to do even more: they are perfect for the extra-delicate skin of the neck and décolletage – especially when combined with a few other breakout stars, like Tego Pep-4. This is another peptide that can even fade away scars, redness, irritation, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. Then there’s grape stem cells, which reduce inflammation, improve skin tone, and restore rough, crepey skin.

Combining these peptides with red algae extract and our exclusive Hydrolane Complex produces strong antioxidant skin brightness and clarity. A mixture of peptides and ceramides improve moisture almost immediately with a patented form of vitamin C that hydrates skin while reducing dark spots and hyperpigmentation by 80%, found in our new Lightening & Brightening Cremes evens the complexion. It is hard to find anything equivalent that is natural, non-toxic, safe for women (even if they’re undergoing chemotherapy and radiation), and be EFFECTIVE.

We have combined all of these powerful ingredients without adding any toxic chemical emulsifiers, silicones, petroleum-based oils, artificial colours, or synthetic fragrance. Your neck doesn’t need to deal with any more chemicals; it deserves its own special treatment from powerful natural ingredients.

Don’t let the anti-aging efforts you’re making for your face go to waste – your neck doesn’t have to give your age away either.

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