Clinical Client Testimonials

Feedback from those that have supported us in business over the past 30 years.

  • I attended the October Course in 2012. I left feeling that I understood alot more about the potential uses of lasers. I believe we have not even touched the surface of what the future uses will be. Thank you Metro and your staff for your time in imparting just a touch of your knowledge.


  • The course was so focused, concentrated and fantastic and well presented. I personally recommend this course for anyone starting their career in the Beauty Industry.

  • Very informative and enjoyable – Highly Recommended this course to anyone starting a new business with lasers.

  • We were very happy with our training and Metro is very lovely. We will take away so much valuable information and grow with this to make our business successful.

  • Fantastic! Glad I did the 1-on-1. Very thorough and informative.

  • Great seminar. Appreciate the effort. Will be purchasing a needling system soon.

  • Informative, interesting, comprehensive.

  • Always knowledgeable & presented well.

  • Metro, I know that in the 2 day course you were not able to show much hands on equipment uses, but you did show us a few that helped us put into use the knowledge from the previous day. I then attended the product knowledge day that again was extremely helpful to opening our eyes to what is possible in the field of cosmetics and skin therapies with and without the uses of lasers.


  • I would thoroughly endorse your courses to anyone that has to do a laser course in the future. I feel that you spent the time to share your passion for the industry and are giving back so much more to the future by developing your products and imparting your experience to others in the industry to improve the outcomes for our clients.


  • With the current economy it’s hard to believe our sales have increased by 200% with having an amazing product line like the Clinical Skincare range. It’s not only well priced, but more importantly it makes a huge difference to any skin condition. I sincerely and strongly recommend Clinical Skincare as it delivers “WOW” factor results to my clients, creating trust and loyalty in the process.

  • We use the full extensive Clinical Skincare range for Professional Treatments and client retail home care products. The clients are always happy with the results and the training we receive is constant and excellent. This encourages the staff to keep increasing their expectations of the treatment results.

  • I have been using this product for 10+ years on myself, in salon and given to over 70% of my clientele. It is an amazing serum which has thoroughly helped with hydrating my skin and most of my clients’. I have many clients buying two at a time in fear that they may run out and need one and not have enough time to come in and purchase another. A very highly recommended product.

  • The Clarifying Serum is a very effective treatment for fast resolution of Acne. I also found the De-Pigmentation Creme to be very useful for clearing Pigmentation and Lightening of the Skin.

  • Great 2 Days – Recommend
    Need to organise Metro to come to our work place.

    Laser Safety Officer Course Event 30/07/2016

    Kylie Ferrier Cairns Cosmetic

  • I feel like I have a better knowledge of some of the products and how to use and mix them

    Product Knowledge Event 13/09/2016

    Whitney Turner La Mode Hair and Beauty

  • Very good knowledge on enzymes and idea on how to improve business

    Product Knowledge Event 13/09/2016

    Nicole Tones La Mode Hair and Beauty

  • Love the clinic workshop where we were able to have a specialised treatment on equipment that we don’t have. The advanced skincare workshop reinforces our understanding of different peels & how to use them effectively.

    Product Knowledge Event 13/09/2016

    Sophia Quintessential Health

  • Very informative, precise and enjoyable.

    Laser Safety Officer Course Event 30/07/2016

    Syluia Pesch Diamond Skin Clinic

  • Amazing well presented course with clear explanation of all material presented, in a easy user friendly way.

    Laser Safety Officer Course Event 27/05/2013

    Serena Chapman First on James

  • Coming from having no knowledge in regards to what a laser saftey officer involves as well as how different lasers work I feel that todays session was extremely informative and I feel that moving forward I will be able to safely know what it means to operate with lasers + what is involved.

    Laser Safety Officer Course Event 25/10/2016

    Madeline Hogerheyde Cosmetic Image Clinics

  • Today I learnt a lot about laser, from having no idea about laser, to now where I understand what is laser and how does it work. We also learned how to do safety control, which will help me a lot in my future study

    Laser Safety Officer Course Event 25/10/2016

    Becky Xie L’Aqua Day Spa

  • I felt I took a lot in and found it very interesting. Metro is a lovely teacher and was very helpful and made me feel confident to ask questions.

    Laser Safety Officer Course Event 25/10/2016

    Rebecca Malone EarthSential

  • I really enjoyed the seminar today, I am very pleased as I took in a lot of new information and am very interested in learning more.

    Education Training Experience 06/06/2016

    Cassie Bicknell Ultima Medi Spa

  • A very informative day. Excellent presenter.

    Education Training Experience 06/06/2016

    Sarah Hennessy Nightingale Laser Clinic

  • Great Workshop. Excellent delivery of knowledge.

    Education Training Experience 06/06/2016

    Gordon Ku Dermamed Skin Clinic

  • The lesson was very helpful in answering a few questions that I heard on HIFU. Great teaching on treatments, loved it

    Education Training Experience 07/06/2016

    Helen Flair Hair Growth

  • Well organised intimate setting that fostered sharing free flowing of information, not like informal lecture

    Education Training Experience 07/06/2016

    Bao-Quy Nguyen-Phuoc Flair Hair Growth

  • Very informative Metro always shares her knowledge + is a very dedicated teacher

    Education Training Experience 09/06/2016

    Jennifer Marshall Shiralee Skin Care Centre

  • Great guest speaker, full of knowledge. Makes you excited to learn more + one day become as experienced.

    Education Training Experience 09/06/2016

    Nicole Tones La Mode Hair and Beauty

  • I found today to be informative & interesting, I definitely feel more confident after having done this course with a greater understanding of lasers & other functions

    Laser Safety Officer Course Event 16/04/2016

    Kylie-Jo Lines

  • Quite informative, had the opportunity to have a treatment as well as hands on treatment

    Education Training Experience 21/03/2016

    Wilma Farrugia Beauty Time

  • Was a lot to take in for 2 days but Metro is an excellent teacher and is highly educated in this field. She was very thorough in explaining things and was happy to help with any questions.

    Laser Safety Officer Course Event 16/05/2016

    Amanda Renyard La Mode Hair and Beauty

  • Very informative, very happy with information provided. I feel motivated and confident to pursue a career in tattoo removal.

    Laser Safety Officer Course Event 22/02/2016

    Dane Lewis

  • It was fantastic. Glad I did the one on one. Very thorough and informative.

    Laser Safety Officer Course Event 05/02/2016

    Moana Ford Advance Aesthetics

  • Great Seminar. Appreciated the great teaching and knowledge

    Education Training Experience 30/11/2015

    Joyce Edmonds Act On Skincare & Laser Clinic

  • Very Educational & Informative- Learn’t plenty

    Education Training Experience 30/11/2015

    Maddie Caruana Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

  • New technology, new skincare product
    I learn a lot in one day thank you for your time

    Education Training Experience 30/11/2015

    Thi Phuong Nguyen Vivian Unique Beauty

  • Your course is very informative and all questions that i had were answered directly or brought to attention by other attendies.

    Product Knowledge Event 23/11/2015

    Tim Biron EB Skin and Laser

  • Metro’s teaching methods are always great. It’s my second course and i am so excited for more. I have complete confidence in peels, I am able to sell products easily and upgrade treatments.

    Product Knowledge Event 31/01/2017

    Monique Hayes

  • Had a wonderful time and learnt a lot. Terrific Course. Very informative and interesting. Would definitely recommend.

    Product Knowledge Event 31/01/2017

    Iva Urosevic Mount Gravatt Medical Centre

  • The resources and training was very straight forward and very well detailed.

    Laser Safety Officer Course Event 28/11/2016

    Aretha Delaney

  • It is always interesting attending Metro’s courses and learning more information about the Clinical Skin Clear. I have updated my knowledge and skills and I have learnt about the moles that are safe to remove and not safe to remove.

    Education Training Experience 24/01/2017

    Beth Henson Ipswich Beauty Clinic

  • I am satisfied with the equipment, literature and training I have received from Clinical Skincare, Healthcare and Equipment Pty Ltd.

    Equipment Purchase

    Debbie Taskin Skinplicity Australia